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Welcome Pottsville Beach Motel, your serene sanctuary by the sea.  If you’re a couple seeking a peaceful, uncomplicated getaway, our charming haven is your perfect escape.

Pottsville Beach; things to do…

Ultimate Guide to Coastal Activities; Pottsville Beach Motel Pottsville isn’t just a picturesque spot to have a rest, catch some rays and ride the waves; it’s a gateway to a coastal wonderland filled with an

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Tweed Coast Markets

So many markets; makers, farmers, art and craft… The Pottsville Beach Markets are a must-do while you’re here. Everything from inexpensive plants, hand carved wooden whales, larimar rings, freshly made donuts and Portuguese tarts, beautifully

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Pottsville Beach, only moments stroll from Pottsville Beach Motel

A Beach Lover’s Paradise

Exploring Pottsville and it’s local Beaches Pottsville Beach Motel, your ultimate base for exploring serene hidden beaches along the New South Wales Tweed North Coast. Our coastal gem promises sun, surf, and relaxation, perfect for

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Pool at Motel

A Relaxing Escape

Unwind and De-stress in Pottsville In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, finding moments of tranquillity and relaxation becomes increasingly vital. Fortunately, Pottsville, a coastal haven on the New South Wales North Coast,

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Make Your Stay Pawsitively Perfect

To ensure a seamless experience, please make a direct booking with us, there’s a modest $30 fee per night for your furry friend’s stay.  Please keep in mind that our pet-friendly service is available in

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